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Order issue’s 1 and 2 of EVIL comics just $5 each plus shipping and handling ($3.50 in North America, $5.50 Canadian outside North America)

Order a SPECIAL EVIL PACKAGE For $25 (plus shipping and handling ($3.50 in North America, $5.50 Canadian outside North America)) and you will get a copy of one of the exciting issue of my award losing series EVIL Comics, a sketch of anything you’d like, a set of 5 EVIL sticker and a special zine of mine from the vault

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You can place your orders through my PayPal account using the email jamesedwardclark@gmail.com be sure to include your address and what you would like me to draw should you order the SPECIAL EVIL PACKAGE.

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The Serpent Princess (by Arctq17)

such nice design

Cute, rad, silly, and shirtless as hell.  *air guitars to the end theme*

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The works of Artist/Writer Ronald Wimberly

Tumblr: http://d-pi.tumblr.com 

Website: http://d-pi.com/dtv/

DA: http://d-pi.deviantart.com

Want a tshirt of tmnt art

The homie leseanthomas posted this quiet love letter and now it’s got over 800 notes?! What’d I do to deserve such good friends?!

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Goddammit Charmaine, WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD??

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Masamune Shirow, Appleseed 4: The Promethean Balance.

Look at how this guy controls the flow of time on the page.

I got to talk about this scene (which we’re gonna call GUN FIGHT) and the following sequence (KNIFE FIGHT) with Brandon Graham and Adam Warren live on stage in front of a room fulla people and friends on Sunday.

The pin and the grenade. Everything’s a weapon.

Like I said, awareness of Appleseed 4's famous knife fight seems to have overshadowed the brilliance of the “warehouse ambush and gunfight” scene that precedes it; for my money, this may actually be the (marginally) superior action sequence.

Cannot put enough emphasis on David’s line, "Look at how this guy controls the flow of time on the page."

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In 1954, We Awakened Something by Chris Garofalo / Tumblr

9” X 24” 3 color screen prints in 3 metallic ink colorways versions. S/N timed editions available from Friday April 4th until Sunday, April 6th 2014, HERE. ,

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Here’s my whole Thickness #2 Dirty deeds comic based specifically off the awesome Adam Warren Dirty pair comics that I loooovee.

and a rough for one of the pages so people can see how ugly the bones can be

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La planete Encore


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Our newest exhibit at the art gallery I co-own, Gallery1988, is so insane and complex that I wanted to explain it a bit here.

Artist Andrew DeGraff creates these original paintings, one of a kind pieces, that act as detailed maps from movies, chronicling each characters every move and every location the viewer sees. You see, each line, colored differently, represents a different character’s journey, turn after turn. Andrew watches these films, dozens of times while painting, to make sure he starts and ends everyone in the correct place, all while also rendering every location seen in the film. It’s one of the most intense undertakings we’ve seen at G1988.

Above you can see his new paintings inspired by Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, The Shining and The Princess Bride. Look at the Shining’s hedge maze and the Princess Bride mountain. SO GOOD. Just beautiful work that takes him a very long time to perfect.

The exhibit, which will also feature a mammoth Lord of the Rings piece, opens this Saturday night at G1988 (East) at 7021 Melrose Ave from 7-10 PM. All the pieces will be online the next day at gallery1988.com. I’ll be there (*badly draws a line from my house to the gallery*).

Andrew’s work cannot be appreciated nearly enough online. Please check out this show if you’re in LA. It will unravel your mind. 

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Hikari Shimoda/ASTRO-BOY-OF-2014


Hikari Shimoda/ASTRO-BOY-OF-2014

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Garden at the Edge of Forever // Tim White

Garden at the Edge of Forever // Tim White

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